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Cost Effective Solution for Unbranded Gas Stations and Marinas

My Fuel Sight is typically ½ the cost of a standard Site Controller in the Petroleum Sector, the technology in the handheld version of our application in industry changing and the only technology of its kind on the market today!!!


Robust Handheld Technology

The Clover Flex is a fully integrated hand held payments device that can be used at the car door for Full Service Gas Stations and at the docks at Marinas. This device will control your gas pumps and integrate into the Store / Kiosk Point of Sale.

The Flex also has scanning capabilities for store products as well as the diversity to be a line buster payment acceptor when your store has a busier than normal time.

cloud based

Cloud-based System Monitoring

Cloud based reporting so you can monitor your site’s activities from anywhere. The First Data Clover Point of Sale System is a Cloud Based Android driven device that utilizes Cloud Based Storage for all your companies Data, it is secure and PCI compliant, you can view your Data from any computer or cell phone, wherever you may be.

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